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Batman Arkham Origins Story based DLC announced

Batman Arkham Origins is getting some story DLC called ‘The Initiation Pack' and it is primarily a challenge pack that contains a little bit of story driven narrative. Ames Kirshen, Vice President of Warner Bros Games, announced the DLC on the latest episode of DC All Access.

The DLC with put you in the shoes of a younger Bruce Wayne being put through the trials of the league of shadows, pretty similar to the start of Batman Begins. The Initiation pack will release in December but there is no fixed date yet. To entertain you while you wait, Warner Bros has released some costume DLC to play dress up with. The Infinite Earths Skins Pack costs £3.99 and contains:

  • Earth 2 Dark Knight
  • Long Halloween Batman
  • Batman: The Dark Knight of the Round Table
  • Thrillkiller Batman
  • Earth 2 Batman
  • Classic Tim Drake Robin- Only available in multiplayer


A couple of other bits are also available, including the Black Mask Challenge Pack and the Online Supply Drop 1. These cost £1.59 each.

Batman Arkham Origins is the latest game in the Arkham franchise and the first that didn't involve Rocksteady. The game doesn't depart much from how the original game plays although it did feature an enhanced detective mode which received quite a bit of praise. The game was no stranger to launch day bugs though – I experienced an invisible Killer Croc and at one point Batman started swimming like a Dolphin in mid air. That said, the game was completable and Warner Bros Montreal has fixed the game through a series of patches.

Kitguru Says: Games in recent years have been taking full advantage of DLC and as annoying as it is, it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. I'd rather developers spent more time making decent story expansion packs rather a constant series of costumes and challenge maps. 
Source: IGN

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