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Aerocool announces plans to launch Dead Silence fans in January

Anyone who has been modding for a while, is likely to have bought/considered an Aerocool front panel at least once in the last 5 years. In terms of overall design, Aerocool has focused on combative-looking chassis with a focus toward bigger builds. That changed with the recent Dead Silence chassis. Now the fans that kept it cool & quiet will be available to the public. KitGuru listens to the whispers.

Aerocool's splash of colour around the Dead Silence chassis range caught a lot of industry observers by surprise.

At least one member of the KitGuru Editorial Team immediately planned a new build around the new case – and UK system builder YOYOTech launched a brand new range with a ‘Splash of colour'.

Don't think we've seen such a movement from nowhere since the BitFenix Prodigy.

The Dead Silence incorporated a series features in a novel way – and seems to have captured the imagination.

One of those innovations was the fan system – which Aerocool will now make available to the public at large.

According to the channel guru driving Aerocool's UK distribution, Glen Rhodes, “We're really excited by the launch of Aerocool's Dead Silence case fan series. It will include both a 140mm and 120 mm axial-fan model”.

“Dead Silence is not simply a name”, said Glen. “It’s the main focus of the newly established products series, which is bringing forth new technology to innovate the cooling market. After an intensive development period, Aerocool Advanced Technologies was able to create an impressive case fan that combines the sturdiness and advantages of plastic with the flexibility and vibration absorption of rubber”.

We were intrigued to hear more from Aerocool's CEO, Tony Lin, who went deep on the cooling technology “Both 140 and 120 mm Dead Silence case fans are equipped with a high-quality Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB), which has an outstanding mean time between failure of 100,000 hours”.

“It includes a high precision rotation design and an anti-shock function”, he said. “The smallest model measures 120 x 120 x 25 mm and spins with 1,200 RPM at 12 Volts, while moving 54.8 CMF (92,9 m3/h) of air – while only generating 15.8 dBA”.

KitGuru regulars will know that anything under 20dBA will be hard to detect in any room and impossible to hear in a regular home/office.

But Tony went further, “It gets even better when used with the 7 Volt adapter that we provide. At that point you still have 36.7 CFM (62.2 M3/h) moving through the fan, but the acoustic performance has dropped to just 12dBA”.

There is a slightly bigger version, at 140mm, which offers 1,000 RPM (64,8 CFM / 109,8 m3/h) at only 14.2 dBA. With this fan, dropping to 7 volts means you get 700 RPM and a noise level of just 10.8 dBA.

Each side of the Aerocool Dead Silence fans has a different material make-up. Voltage and noise absorption bits are included. Nice.
Each side of the Aerocool Dead Silence fans has a different material make-up. Voltage, connection and additional noise absorption bits are included. Nice. Expect them in stores for January 2014.

KitGuru says: Add in a fan controller and you could drop even further. While we do love major machines that deliver power like super-charged motorcycles, silence definitely has its place and we welcome any company looking to innovate like this.

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