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Xbox One boxes are selling for quite a bit on Ebay

Back when the Xbox 360 launched a man bought a picture of one on Ebay for £470, fast forward to today and it seems people are willing to pay close to that amount for an Xbox One box. Seriously, these are clearly labeled auctions for ‘day one edition' boxes and the bids are climbing as high as $500.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 22.09.15

The description made things pretty clear to buyers too:
Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 22.22.49

I'm not sure what the appeal here is but it's still an amusing story for the rest of us, the guy who sold his box for $500 must be pretty happy right now.

Lets not instantly assume the buyer is stupid though, maybe they are aiming to make the most expensive fort ever. That said, it's pretty likely that this person is just misinformed and thought that the Xbox One was short on stock, then opened up a bunch of tabs and started a bidding frenzy on each reasonably priced auction without reading them properly.

This isn't the only stupid Xbox related thing people are buying on Ebay though, Kotaku uncovered a few auctions for the Day One exclusive achievement with some of them going for around the same price as a brand new game.

Kitguru Says: I think i'd feel really bad selling a box for that much money but then again, I'd be pretty happy if I ended up with a free console. Have any of you guys spotted some funny (or mean depending on how you look at it), next gen related auctions on Ebay? 

Sources: Reddit, Kotaku

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  1. I hope who ever is ripping people off know they can and will be taken to court and the court will make them give the money back and in most cases the judge gets so made he orders higher pay out to the victim just because of the way the seller rips people off. Seen it with my own eyes.

  2. Anita I hope you realize that he actually can’t be taken to court for this. If you look at the picture of the Ebay post it states Xbox One Day One LE PACKAGING (NO CONSOLE) he clearly put that it was just the packaging for the console and not the console it self. Yeah it is ripping people off but he put all the information to keep his ass safe on there.