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Humble Bundle launches Humble Store

If you thought the world was as Humble as it was ever going to be with the regular Humble Bundles and the even more regular Humble Weekly Sale, then you'll be impressed/surprised to hear that there's now another way to give money to charity while buying discount games and in an even more regular way: paying for one of the daily deals in the permanent Humble Store.

Working in a similar way as the Humble Bundle and Weekly Sale, you can buy games for a lot less than their usual list price. There are a few differences however, one of which is that you don't get to pay what you want. While the Humble Store does offer big discounts, it sets the price for you.

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Another difference is that you don't get to control how much of your money goes to charity. With fixed prices, comes fixed percentages and only 10 per cent of what you pay goes to the usual charity groups: Child's Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation; along with a couple of new additions: American Red Cross, World Land Trust and Charity Water.

The store has already raised over $81,000 for charity

To kick off the store, HumbleBundle is offering the following at discount prices:

  • Don't Starve: $7.49
  • Prison Architect: $14.99
  • Rogue Legacy: $7.49
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2: $6.25
  • Natural Selection II: $6.25
  • The Swapper: $4.99
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare: $6.25
  • Orcs Must Die 2: $6.25
  • Gunpoint: $4.99

All games support Windows and Steam and some of them are DRM free. There's a few Mac and Linux compatible titles in the mix too, but all of these deals are only available for an other 10 hours, so get them while they're hot. Tomorrow, there'll be a whole new swathe of discounts in the store.

KitGuru Says: Prison Architect does look good at that price. I promised myself I'd stop playing alphas though, as it makes it harder to enjoy the final game. 

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