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Sign up for the Steam in-home streaming beta

Valve is once again calling for beta testers! This time it's for the in-home streaming feature and all you have to do to become eligible is join the Steamgroup. Thats right, no long task list or eligibility badge like with the hardware beta, just join the group.

At the time of writing there's around 19,000 members and very few details. Beta testing was pretty limited for the hardware beta but that was probably more to do with the cost of the hardware, this beta test will be software based so it's likely that more people will be allowed to try it out.

Steam in-home streaming will allow you to stream your full library of games from one PC to another, making your tiny home theatre PC just as capable as the gaming rig you keep in another room. This kind of streaming has been done before with the Nvidia Shield and so far, it's been working pretty well.


This all comes in preparation for the Steam Machine beta which will include our first look at the Steam OS and help us better understand Valve's master plan. We don't know if the main household PC will be able to stream to multiple PC's simultaneously or how much a performance hit that would bring but i'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Kitguru Says: More exciting news coming out of Valve, I'm more interested in streaming to a handheld device as I can already plug my PC into my TV to play games that way but I have no way of playing while I'm in another room. The problem with Shield is that it requires Nvidia hardware and as far as I know, it isn't available in the UK yet which puts quite a limit on potential customers. Are you guys interested in signing up for in-home streaming?

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