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If Bioshock Infinite was a text adventure…

A lot of people, myself included, enjoyed Bioshock Infinite immensely and found it to be one of the better games released this year; it certainly wins an award for the environment of Columbia and its impressive immersion. However, I likewise wasn’t alone in thinking that the weakest part of it was the combat, purely because it felt so jarringly unneeded, despite the game’s core conflict. Some have obviously been wondering what it would be like without that element of the game and many others in-fact: what if Bioshock Infinite was a text adventure?

That’s what PCGamer has been thinking about and along with other games like Call of Duty, has written up a few screens worth of content, showing possible options for players to make in such a world and the probable responses.


Understandably the author also took a chance to take a swipe at some of the  more obvious plot holes in the game, as well as some of the more typical tropes of games in general: like eating and drinking anything without regards for its location or age and specifically in Bioshock Infinite’s case, where you’ll often drink and smoke items that will contradict each other’s stat boosts, but they’re so plentiful and have so little impact that you do it anyway, because it’s faster than searching through it properly.

KitGuru Says: This is well written and pretty funny to boot, but are there any contemporary action titles that you guys could see actually becoming decent text adventures?

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