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RIP Hello Games’ sofa and a lot more

Christmas may be a time for joy, but Hello Games, developer of the VGX show stealer No Man’s Sky, was hit by flooding the night before. It wasn’t just a few inches of water either: a river broke it’s bank, sending torrents of water through the windows and every other crack it could find in the Hello Game’s fortress. Today, we pay homage to the developer’s destroyed belongings, including the fort building sofa.

Since the flooding, the devs have been tweeting out eulogies for their favourite possessions, like the “massive water cooled mega PC,” a number of laptops that were discovered to have excellent flotation abilities after death, and there was even mention of some hard drives – let’s hope that No Man’s Sky was backed up remotely.

RIP the Mega PC

But the item that’s had the most praise is the Hello Game’s sofa, which was toasted with the following tweets: “The Hello Games sofa has been to 6 countries and 4 games conferences. If you visited us at Gamecom/EGExpo or anywhere you probably sat on it.

“It lived a more full life than most sofas. Slept on by tired coders, hosted many games of Mario Kart, been part of an occasional fort… RIP”

The worst part of the tragedy though, is insurance isn’t covering anything due to the area being a flood risk.

KitGuru Says: RIP the Hello Game’s sofa, RIP the Mega PC. But slog on Hello Game’s, we’re all looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with.

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