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New GTA V trailer now available

The new trailer for GTA V has been released, showing a lot. I won't spoil or discuss any of it before you've had a chance to watch this one, as it's a good one:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vzue74y7A84′]

So for those skipping ahead a little, from here on in, there's SPOILERS, understand?

This trailer doesn't show us a lot in terms of in-game features, gameplay or plot elements we haven't already heard before: that there will be three protagonists and that we'll be following their individual stories, though perhaps the main one is that of “retired” bank robber Michael. However what it does show us, is the world of San Andreas.

There's trains, trams, planes all moving around are you would expect them too, along with the public doing it's thing and wandering around with what seems like a lot more life than even the imersive GTA IV. We also get to hear some voice over work from the main characters as well as some peripheral ones. Everything is polished and to a high standard, as you would expect from a game that's probably had 1,000 people working on it for the past five years.

In terms of specific things to note however, there's the dogs I mentioned before, abseiling, the famed Pisswasser beer brand (thanks Anthony Cumia for that catchy jingle), a fighter jet taking out a helicopter with a missile and a jeep driving straight out of a plane before the occupants parachute out.

KitGuru Says: What are some of the things you guys noticed that others might have missed? Point them out below.

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