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Nintendo says sorry over Monster Hunter shortage

Considering how much of a hard time Nintendo is having with selling Wii U consoles, you’d think it would make sure that it had decent stock numbers for one of the highest reviewed games on the console so far, but it hasn’t and has instead issued an apology that gamers haven’t been able to get their copy.

“I’d like to apologise for the current stock shortage due to high demand of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at retail,” reads a tweet from the Nintendo UK twitter account. “New #MH3U stock will hopefully be available in shops next week for Wii U and mid April for Nintendo 3DS.”

As much as I want this game, I want that TV stand more

However, it was pointed out that you could get Monster Hunter Ultimate from the Nintendo eShop. Chances are you’ll need that external HDD if you don’t want to fill up your basic pack storage – of make a big dent in your premium version’s capacity.

Released on 22nd March, Monster Hunter Ultimate is an HD reskin and expansion of the Wii’s 2010 Monster Hunter Tri, adding HD textures, new weapons, armour and monsters to take down. While many have criticised the fact that it’s retreading old ground, good reviews are abound for the much prettier and still epic release.

KitGuru Says: I’m so jealous people are playing this, but I can’t justify the Wii U just to play this – even if Nintendoland’s minigames do look like they’d be fun while inebriated.

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