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Pay what you want for Saint’s Row the Third and Dead Island

The new Humble Bundle is out people and this time around it's Deep Silver that's offering up its game collection for your to bundle-buy. Available as part of the Pay-What-You-Want model this time around are: Saint's Row II, Saint's Row The Third, Sacred 2 and Risen 2: Dark Waters. Pay above the average, currently at $4.92 and get yourself Dead Island game of the year edition and a whole host of Saint's Row The Third DLC. Pay more than $25 and get yourself Dead Island Riptide too.

It should be noted, that these games do have DRM, so while they're Pay What you Want and Help Charity, that's as far as the rhyme in the trailer goes.


You also get the soundtracks for SRIII, Risen 2, Sacred II and Dead Island as per usual.

Over on the other side of the coin, Humble Bundle's weekly sale only has one day to go and it's featuring Positronic Games, run by Cliffski, the superior gaming industry Cliff. The bundle includes Democracy 2, Kudos 2, Gratuitous Space Battles and Gratuitous Tank battles.

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX2U8iBQ80w']

KitGuru Says: While based on reviews, it's probably not the greatest idea to dump in another load of dollars to get Riptide, I can heartily endorse Cliffsi's bundle having played a few of his games and having spoke with him a couple of times. He's a good dude and makes some great indie games.

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