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Queensland now accepting 18+ games

For a long time Australia has been restricted to selling only titles that fall under the 15+ age rating, as there simply wasn’t an 18+ rating to go on. Recently an adult rating was brought in, but Queensland, one of the larger and most populous provinces lagged behind – now though, the governor has signed off on the act, allowing the sale of such titles to begin.

While Australia as a whole began allowing developers and publishers to apply for their 18+ game to be sold within the country’s boarders back in early January of this year, Queensland didn’t follow suit. A vote took place earlier this month which gave the go ahead, but until today, it wasn’t official, because the governor had yet to give the thumbs up.

Australia missed out on Manhunt 2, but then again, so did the UK for a while.

Of course now the excitement begins again as we find out which 18+ game will go on sale first. Care to take a guess?

It’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on the Vita, which is only released in the US today – Europe in a couple of days. It will be available in Australia on the 13th of March.

KitGuru Says: About time really. It was always a bit embarrassing for Australia that it counted the gaming maturity of its long standing adult citizens as identical to those of young teens.

[Thanks Kotaku]

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