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PlanetSide 2 EU accounts hacked

If you have an EU account with PlanetSide 2, it might be a good idea to change your login information. While the devs are claiming everything is under control, it appears a nefarious few may have managed to steal email addresses and passwords of some European accounts for the MMO shooter.

“Dear Community, We have detected that there recently has been unauthorized third-party access to one of our systems,” reads the beginning of the announcement. The admin ProSiebenSat.1 admits that he cannot rule out that email and password information was compromised by a “third party,” but said that since the detection of the hack, they have taken “all necessary actions to rectify the issue.”

“Your account data is encrypted with us for your security. Nevertheless, we have decided to take preventative measures in order to ensure the highest degree of security.”

Nice long passwords people, that's what we like to see.

Any accounts that have been accessed by said third party, will be prompted to change their password via email – of course a simple protective measure here is don't click on any links within such an email, in case someone is taking advantage of this situation with phishing attacks.

Some accounts have also been suspended for “security reasons.” If you find that yours is such an account, then you can unlock it by creating a new password with the “forgot password,” feature.


The PlanetSide dev also suggested that users follow a simple system of securing their passwords by making sure that they include:

– At least eight alphanumeric characters.
– Use of upper and lower case.
– The new password must not match previous passwords.

KitGuru Says: It goes without saying that if you've used your PlanetSide 2 password anywhere else, you should change it there as well. Preferably to something unique.

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