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Rebellion might be crowd funding Evil Genius 2 for PC

Evil Genius is the type of game that they don't make much anymore. It belonged to that generation of God-like sim builders, like Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital. Despite the time lapse though, for years the fans of the original have been clamouring for a sequel, so it was with much disappointment that the hinted at second one in the works turned out to be a Facebook game. However, now the developer Rebellion has hinted that this wasn't the sequel that they were talking about and in-fact they might be going a different funding route with the real one.

This is actually the second Facebook game that Rebellion has released for Evil Genius, further frustrating fans of the original 2004 release. First there was WMD and now there's Evil Genius Online – but that much-wanted true sequel to the original, a full game on PC, could still come to light.

At 5'4, I empathised with this Evil Genius the most

In an open letter to fans and detractors alike (via VG247), Rebellion responded by saying that: “When Jason – Rebellion’s CEO and co-founder – tweeted earlier in the year about a potential follow up to Evil Genius, he wasn’t talking about Evil Genius Online, which was already in development by a small team here in our Oxford studio.”

In-fact, he was talking about a real follow up game. Unfortunately no publisher has yet given it the go ahead, which means for now nothing is being made. However, Rebellion went on in the letter to tease an announcement “coming soon,” using an “alternative” method of funding.

In today's game development climate, who else thinks this smells of crowd funding?

“In the next few days a key member from our Oxford studio will be in touch. They want to engage with the EG community and get you involved in the first steps we take towards the next Evil Genius game on PC,” Rebellion concluded with its tease.

KitGuru Says: Any big fans of the original here? I never actually finished it but I did get pretty far through the second island. 

I tell you what though, I never got traps figured out properly. Either I didn't use them, or if I did, they ended up killing my workers as much as any enemies that came in. Not to mention the fact that it was almost always better to scare off enemy agents than to take them out. Usually the best bet was a load of fake doors with guards outside them – at least that's the strategy I went with. 

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