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Shooting the undead makes a big mess in Killing Floor 2

While a lot of modern games might claim an in-depth and engaging story, or mechanics that stretch your definition of what a game is, sometimes a title comes along that is purely designed to cater to your murderous sensibilities. Killing Floor 2 is all about that, letting you murder near-humans (zeds) over and over, and in its latest dev-diary, we get a chance to see how much blood you can actually spill on your average playthrough. Hint: it’s a lot.


The gore in Killing Floor 2 is really turned up to 11, with limbs being blown off, chunks of flesh flying through the air and persistent, ever expanding pools of blood on the floor. It’s enough to feel like this could quite easily become the prequel for a Visceral Clean Up level.

All of the dismemberment and ropes of blood flying out from each Zed you put down, is thanks to the M.E.A.T system, or Massive Evisceration and Trauma system. It allows for a lot of unique and applicable kills and damage animations, which sees the enemies react differently to a downward swipe with a sword, versus a horizontal cut. Chunks will be blown off of a zombie if you shoot it in any number of locations and of course the blood will keep on spilling throughout.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB7FYfRPwpo’]

All in all, there’s 22 locations which you can break pieces off of your undead enemies. On top of that, grenades or other heavy explosives have a chance to completely obliterate the zeds, turning them into a red mist. If you’re lucky, you might leave some organs lying around to kick about the level.

KitGuru Says: I’m not a massive fan of horde mode games, but the original Killing Floor was popular for a long, long time. Who’s excited for the new one?

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