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Someone just bought a 300 strong Amiga game library

No this isn’t some car-boot sale where someone just got lucky with some carts, but a genuine company rights purchase of over 300 different Amiga games, which could see some of the systems’ classics being re-released to a contemporary audience.

The company with the now impressive library, is Writers’ Group Film Corp and it has the rights to redistribute a big chunk of the Amiga’s historic catalogue of games, as soon as it wants. And it plans to as well, with newly compatible versions of the games planned for release as soon as possible.

I sucked so hard at this back in the day.

While the PC would be the first platform you might think of, Writers’ Group is looking more towards the mobile marketplace, hoping to make some of the classic games available for smartphone handsets and tablets and releasing them through app stores.

To clear things up about what it plans however, the group has said it will release several statements and make announcements about the games, specifically which ones will hit and hopefully some news about when.

KitGuru Says: I’d be interested in trying out a few of these. We had an Amiga when I was a kid. No idea what version, but I remember playing a tennis game on it with a couple of very stiff joysticks, Seymour goes to Hollywood and the above International Karate. I don’t remember being very good at any of them.

[Thanks Market Wired, via Eurogamer]

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