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Square Enix announces Ouya support

Square Enix has announced its intentions to support the Ouya console at launch, making the iPad and and DS version of Final Fantasy III available on the android powered home console at its debut.

Currently still running through its Kickstarter campaign, the Ouya device is now approaching six times its original funding target, just shy of $6 million – making it one of the most successful campaigns on the site so far. Since the fundraising began, developers and other companies have begun to express their interest in the platform. Square Enix follows along from OnLive, the streaming gaming service which will be natively supported on the machine, as well as a Robotoki, the developer led by ex Infinity Ward head Robert Bowling. His company will be making an episodic prequel to human element for the device.

The Ouya developers also outed the controller for the console a few days ago, showing off its sleek design, twin thumbsticks and four traditional face buttons. There’s also a DPad in the usual position and a glowing centre button, making obvious comparisons with the Xbox 360 controller.

Ouya Controller
Xbox comparison aside, it looks comfortable

KitGuru Says: How do you think the Ouya is shaping up. Could it tempt you away from investing in one of the next-gen machines from the big three companies?

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