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Steam had six million online at once over the weekend

It's been almost a year since Valve announced that it had hit five million concurrent gamers on its Steam digital download platform and now it's crested that wave, reaching the lofty heights of six million gamers at one time.

Perhaps what's more impressive about this stat, is that there wasn't one new, big game release to set this off, just a lot of people playing a lot of games. According to PCGamesN, DotA 2 and Team Fortress 2 both added around 100,000 gamers to the mix, but that's merely a fraction of the total.

Steam Stats
Six million at once is a nice milestone for Valve

It's likely that a fair chunk of that six million were just logged into Steam, but a significant portion were blasting away at one another too. They could have been playing any one of the number of discounted games as part of the Autumn sale. Since the closed beta for Linux was also released, we can bet that a couple thousand were Linux users too – an exciting trend, considering how little people are liking Windows 8 at the moment.

KitGuru Says: I for one was playing Sonic Adventure DX and racing my Chao. What about you guys?

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