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Steam Summer Sale could be starting in two days time

Valve has announced that the Steam Trading Cards, that achievement like, collectible, reward scheme announced earlier this year, is set to leave beta as of 26th June, meaning everyone can get ahold of them. However, the Half Life maker also teased something else on that date, “an event we think everyone can be excited about.”

Summer Sales on Valve's Steam do traditionally start around this time of year, so launching on the 26th wouldn't be a huge surprise. Chances are the tie in is that Valve will be adding cards to a lot more games, many of which will likely be going on sale then too.

The two most devious men in entertainment. One makes you invest in characters then kills them, the other makes you invest in games and then puts them on sale. 

“We'll be continuing to iterate on existing features and add new ones after the release,” reads the statement over on the Steam forums (via PCGamesN). “There are a few things we have talked about previously that we really wanted to get to, that have now been pushed till post release – Trade Offers, and the Card Binder. They will still get done we just don't have an exact timeline on that.”

KitGuru Says: Of course while the news of a Steam sale should be cause for celebration, I'm sure I'm not the only one with a wallet that's nervous at the thought. What will I buy? How many games will I purchase that never get played? Will I once again buy four copies of something thinking my friends will join in, only to find them unwilling or uninterested? 

Only time will tell. But at least I'll be able to unlock cards as well. Any of you been taking part in the beta?

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