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Valve dropped Bitcoin from Steam due to mass fraud

Back in April 2016, Valve began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment on the Steam Store, allowing those with cryptocurrency to purchase games. Valve eventually removed support for cryptocurrency in 2017, and now we know why – half of the transactions were fraudulent. When Valve first decided to remove …

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Gabe Newell would buy an Xbox Series X over a PS5

As we recently learned, Valve co-founder, Gabe Newell, is currently hunkered down in New Zealand while the COVID-19 situation gets sorted out in the United States. He has already appeared on New Zealand TV once to thank the country for its hospitality by announcing a free concert. Now, Newell has …

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Gabe Newell is doing an AMA tomorrow, 17th January


CEO and founder of Valve and oft-cited saviour of PC gaming, Gabe Newell, will be conducting a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the site on 17th January at 3PM PST (11PM GMT). This was secured by the new “The_Gaben” subreddit, mere days after being founded and it's been confirmed …

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Valve turned 20 yesterday: happy birthday!


In a world where game developers and publishers come and go, folding, founding, merging and being bought out by larger entities, Valve has been a real constant for the past two decades. It's given us a lot of big games and big milestones in gaming, so today we celebrate its …

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Gabe Newell wins over developers with free HTC Vives

Valve founder Gabe Newell made a brief speech at this year's Vision Summit 2016 organised by Unity, in which he broke down some of the exciting announcements coming at the event. However he seemed particularly pumped about what he called his “Oprah moment,” in the latter half of the speech, …

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Gabe Newell defends paid for mods

Poor Valve probably has no idea what's going on at the moment. It's normally the apple of every gamer's eye, unable to do no wrong, but that's not the case right now. Since it was announced late last week that the Half Life developer had made it possible for modders …

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Gabe Newell death threat game makes it back on Steam

Paranautical Activity has reappeared on Steam, several months after being pulled when one of the developers threatened Gabe Newell's life over Twitter. Since then that particular developer quit and then rejoined the company and now the game itself is back on Steam. To make up for his transgressions, the team …

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Indie Dev resigns after Twitter rant at Gabe Newell

Indie developer, Mike Maulbeck, went on a little Twitter rant last night, which resulted in him claiming that he was going to “kill Gabe Newell”. Once the tweet spread around, Valve decided to pull his game, Paranautical Activity from Steam.  After embarrassing himself on the Internet, Maulbeck has now resigned. …

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