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Survival horror Agony shows off demonic powers in new gameplay videos

In the latest trailer for hellish survival title, Agony, we see that players can be the demonic hammer as well as the nail. Along with possessing the wayward souls of the underworld, they can also take control of some of its more powerful demons, giving them access to greater strength and stamina, pyrokinetic powers and new ways to kill the unfortunate people of the hellish landscape.

MadMind Studio's Kickstarter success, Agony, is the story of one soul who finds themselves in hell and must traverse its dangerous bounds to reach the Red Goddess by possessing the bodies of the denizens of the infernal region. Artistically the game looks stunning, with an awesome mix of classical gore, Lovecraftian body-horror and a tinge of haunting sexuality that seems perfectly in and out of place in the same breath.

*With mild nudity and serious gore, this video is very much NSFW*

Following an earlier reveal of players taking on the body of the ‘martyr' characters, this time around we get a look at some more demonic gameplay. It's not clear whether our protagonist in this sense has to kill some of the scared looking humans of the hellscape, or whether they gain some sort of power from doing so, but its decidedly gruesome all the same.

The real show stealer of any Agony trailer though, are the environments. This one is as twisted and as filled with eldritch horrors and gore inspired debauchery as you have ever seen – MadMind is not taking its foot off the pedal as it continues development of this gruesome game.

There is also a new, more story-focused trailer, but since its thumbnail has some nudity in, we'll let you click through for that. As before, it's NSFW.

Agony is slated for a Q2 2017 release on Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

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KitGuru Says: This game is absolutely gross and horrifying in equal measure. It looks very well done, especially the environments that the player traverses. I'm not sure I could play it, but I never pretended to be a brave gamer.

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