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Telltale might be working on a Game of Thrones game

Its early morning rumour time everybody, but this one's worth paying attention to, since the potential for an awesome game is there. Telltale Games, the developer behind the emotional point and click title, Walking Dead and the recently released Wolf Among Us, might have teamed up with George R.R. Martin to create a game based on his A Song of Ice and Fire books.

This rumour comes straight from the mill hidden in the back offices at IGN, but the publication is citing several respected sources as confirmation that this is going to happen. When reaching out to Telltale about it however, the developer kept its lips tightly sealed:

“We get these sorts of rumours about what we could be working on next cropping up all the time. Officially we have no comment,” it said.

It's going to be six, two hour episodes where you play Joffrey, as you learn to be a complete dick.

However, recently TellTale's CEO, Don Connors, said that he was really excited to release news on what the company is working on at the moment and that it was a “dream IP.”

What's interesting to think about though, is what the game will be about and when it will be set. The fact that the IGN sources call it a Game of Thrones game, suggests it would be based around the TV show or the first book, both of which share the same name – the series of course, being called A Song of Ice and Fire. Chances are, gameplay would be of similar fashion to other Telltale games, where conversational choices are important. Political intrigue in that sense, could be an interesting gameplay mechanic.

KitGuru Says: If this does come to fruition, what would you guys like to see in it?

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