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These aren’t real gamer covers, but I wish they were

Jimmy Fallon has been continuing his Game Week by showing off some game cover art from Imagination Land, which apparently him and Elijah Wood co-developed and co-starred in. Would you believe it?

The first one is Milk Glug, a game that sees you slamming down bottles of milk as fast as you can, earning a small fee per recycled bottle. When you earn enough, time to buy more milk. The second game, Russian farmers, is far less stylistic than the others, but could make for some sort of adult Animal Crossing, with bleakness.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CV0bchQz9A’]

After that was Mall Walkerzzz on the NES, which came with a free pair of 3D glasses for added realism. Working out in a shopping centre has never been so dangerous.

They saved the best for last however, with their own more hardcore version of Mount Your Friends, with Merman’s Quest IV: Spawning season. With all the awful connotations that you can think of thrown in.

KitGuru Says: Gotta say, I’d play the hell out of Merman’s Quest IV, but only if you got to play the Merman. 

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