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PS4 and Xbox One release dated

While Microsoft and Sony have both publicly stated that their respective consoles would be available worldwide during the Christmas period this year, retailers have begun putting up release dates for both systems, suggesting something a little more concrete.

German website Media Markt has listed the PS4 for a 13th November release on some promotional artwork. While this is likely to not be set in stone, Sony is going to be doing a worldwide release at the same time and as VGleaks points out, it’ll want to hit that Black Friday sale in America on 29th November, so it should at least be hitting shelves before then.

The 13th however, does seem to be the date that more than one retailer can agree on, with Dutch website Bol.com listing it for release on “13.11.2013”.


Bol also has a release date up for the Xbox one, which if true, would put Microsoft a few days behind Sony in its release schedule, as the One is slated to appear on the 21st November.

While it seems unlikely that both consoles are released on the same day – there will be those that want both and can afford them and neither company would want to make them choose – it makes sense for them to have a close release date and ideally get the hardware out first.

KitGuru Says: I’m really interested to see how these machines sell. Microsoft took a PR beating recently and like a counterweight Sony’s public opinion soared, but it’s a good five months until release and a lot could change in that time.

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