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This pixelised space roguelike looks amazing

FTL was a great, great game. Honestly, I put 50+ hours into that little indie roguelike. I even wrote thousands and thousands of words of extra content for a mod called Infinite Space. But that doesn’t matter because I don’t play that any more. What I do want to play is this simply beautiful looking pixel game in the same vein called Galactic Princess.

GP (as all the cool kids call it) is a real time space exploration title, with some lovely art work and a pretty nuanced looking 2D motion engine. It reminds me a lot of Gimbal in the way it controls, though this is more than just a dogfighting sim, it’s got a whole universe to explore – or at least it will when it’s complete.

The ships themselves are beyond customisable, they’re literal do-it-yourself kits, meaning you can custom build your entire ship, making whatever crazy shape you can come up with. Be sensible with your engine placements though, as this game has real physics, so one at each end is just going to send you spinning in circles.

But the art style you guys. Just look at it.

It’s…it’s beautiful.

Described on the offiicial site as a Spaceship Survival Sandbox, Galactic Princess features customisable equipment, engines, generators, weapons, labs, control systems and even automated droids. Running these stations will be your crew, which are as varied as the equipment you can add to the ship. There’s more than 13 different races, some of which are mechanical, others biological. As the site says, “will they join your crew as friends, or as slaves?”

Each of those crewmen can be equipped with a dizzying array of weapons as well, melee and ranged, with some combinations of both. Who else is excited about launching an army of droids into an enemy ship, armed with a full contingent of mantis hammers and samurai swords?

The story setting for the game looks very intriguing too:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eynO3hPpBo’]

Galactic Princess is currently just getting off the ground with its website and the like, but expect a Kickstarter soon.

KitGuru Says: God damn this is an exciting looking game. I’ve sworn off backing anything for a while, but I may have to get in on this one. If you want to support the project before the Kickstarter goes live, give them a donation or sign up for the forums. Better yet, tell your friends about it. I’m sure these guys will be after as much publicity as they can get. 

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