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Two new GTA V screenshots

Two new screenshots for GTA V have appeared online as part of a Rockstar QnA session with fans. These aren't fakes either, but full blown official images released by Rockstar itself – and they look very pretty indeed.

The question that prompted the release was “why don't you give us more news?” So it looks like being somewhat incredulous with Rockstar gets more images released. The responder simply said that Rockstar was keen to keep things under wraps until they were ready. There would be no point in releasing information on a feature and then later cutting it for internal reasons.

Nice draw distance

The first image released seems to be shot in the same style as the previously released trailer, with no UI to speak of, so it seems likely this isn't from a player's perspective. However the fact that we have a helicopter in shot, continues the trend of air bound vehicles – perhaps suggesting a lot more air travel in the next GTA. The draw distance is also quite impressive, even if the horizon still does have that slightly ugly fog – though it now looks like more of a natural haze than games of years gone by.

The image also gives us a sense of scale here. Since Rockstar also said during the QnA that it is working on its biggest open world game ever, we can assume that it's GTA V and that what we're seeing in this shot is a fraction of the game world. It already looks impressively large and detailed. We can see a wide variety of buildings, along with one  in construction in the background on the left.

Nice reflections

The second shot seems more like graphical eye candy, showing some sort of jetty out into some beautifully reflective water. Less urban than the first screenshot, this is perhaps the beginnings of one of the sub-urban areas suggested as being part of the game.

The only other information released during the QnA was that jets will see a comeback – though that was assumed from the trailer.

KitGuru Says: GTA V is shaping up to be a very pretty game, but will it deliver on gameplay? What do you think?

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