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Ultra rare Final Fantasy II cart attracts many offers, idiots

Uppdate 2: After contacting the seller, he said: “The auction was pulled down by eBay for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, even after being on the phone with them for around 30 minutes. The term of service it violated was the one that prevents illegal copies of original material, even though this IS the original and not a copy. I’m talking to potential buyers privately now, though I may re-list this on eBay later.”

Update: The auction has now disappeared, suggesting that the item in question has been sold. We’ve reached out to the seller to see if we can find out more. This piece will be updated if we learn anything new.

Original Story

The ultra rare, one of a kind copy of Final Fantasy II’s English translation for the NES, that’s been up for sale on ebay for the past few days for a whopping $50,000, has already attracted over 100 offers – most of which have been rejected. However a couple are still pending, suggesting either the owner of the cart has yet to address them or a final sale could be in the works.

Regardless of the auction itself though, it’s amazing to see some of the moronic questions that “fefea” has had to put up with. Posted within the auction’s QnA section, are such gems as:

“Q: wow 50,000. lmao what is wrong with you? ill rather buy a new car. you need help….”

The answer from the seller suggested that this was far from the first comment he’d received in this vein, so he decided to post one to show people what he had to “deal with.”

It seems like that same questioner then followed it up with this genius response:

“Q: I really dont care. your a retard for even trying to sell something like that for that much. also check youtube because so many people know about this insane item you are trying to sell. look for alpha omega sin channel and watch that video about you.”

I watched some of the video he’s talking about; don’t bother.

Final Fantasy II
Worth $50,000? Only if someone pays that much

Some pointed out that it says “programmed by Nasier” on the screen, suggesting that it was a bootleg. The auctioneer then countered by saying that the original Japanese version was also coded by Nasier.

After a while it seems like people began posting questions simply to get themselves noted on the auction; requests to buy the cart featured in the pictures and such like.

KitGuru Says: Some have been quite critical of the guy listing this cart for $50,000. For one, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. And two, how is this any different from someone selling Action Comics #1 for hundreds of thousands of dollars? This stuff is only worth something because people are willing to pay for it. It’s that simple.

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