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Valve is running a beta for Steam Cards now

Yesterday we talked about the new leveling system that Steam profiles are getting, but apparently that’s not the only shake up Valve is introducing. Another new feature which is now in beta, is a Steam trading card system.

This isn’t a game though, but more like achievements, that aren’t just achievements, if that makes sense. You earn some of them by playing a game but the others will need to be earned through trading with other players, since presumably gamers earn different cards when they play.

But why would you want to collect theml? Well apparently once you get all of them (there’s a set number for each game), you can combine them into a badge, which will earn you experience towards your Steam level. You also get a new emoticon (for use where, I don’t know) and a new background for your profile page. Wallpapers are unlockables now guys, are you excited?

Achievement whores just entered a whole new world of addiction

The big reason people might take part in this convoluted scheme however, is because you also have the chance of unlocking a discount code for a certain game when you complete the badge.

However, if you were thinking you’d just earn a couple of cards and swap them with friends, you’d be wrong. You have to buy these cards, with real money. You can sell them too of course, but you can never take that money out of Steam, so don’t think you’ll be making thousands like those Steam Workshop guys.

Thanks to PCGamesN research too, we know that the cards can range from 50p to £2 each. Who’s buying that?

Apparently people already are, often times to finish off their collection, but still, paying money to get a discount code seems redundant doesn’t it?

Obviously Valve is attempting to make its achievement system a bit more than its currently quite pointless setup, and the cards make things more interesting, but it’s the trading aspect that seems out of place.

If you want to take part in the beta you can sign up here, but you’ll need to be lucky enough to get an invite. Alternatively some people are selling them, because they’re nice like that.

KitGuru Says: I can’t say I’m particularly fussed about what “level” I am on Steam, are you guys?

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