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Wargaming slams Microsoft free to play, working to improve it

We've heard a lot of game developers attack Microsoft's game update policies in the past few years, with indie developers lining up alongside the big developers to do so. They've trashed the long Q&A process and the fees involved and Wargaming.net is no different. However, it's also said that it's now working with Microsoft to improve the process.

As it stands, Microsoft' system for updates on its Xbox platform is “totally unacceptable for meaninful free-to-play,” said the current CEO of Wargaming, Victor Kislyi, in an interview with Polygon. He described how one of the biggest plus points of a free to play online game, was that it allowed for quick responses to any problems – not so with the Xbox 360.

“The QA process and certification process take an extremely long time,” he said. “Totally unacceptable for a meaningful free-to-play. We are working with them to do quicker updates.”

World of Tanks is heading to the 360 in the near future. You can sign up for the beta here. 

As it stands, those wanting to release a patch for their Xbox 360 title, need to wait through the lengthy Microsoft testing and quality assurance procedures and until recently, they had to stump up a $40,000 fee (£26,000) as well.

However, Wargaming is said to be working with Microsoft to improve the pace of the update procedure, but Kislyi didn't explain if there would be a platform wide change, or just one for Wargaming's upcoming release of World of Tanks on the 360.

“We will see, there is a lot of work on the technically side and on the administrative side which should resolve in the acceptable quality of the product, including updates of the product including speed and rates. So we will see,” he said.

KitGuru Says: The long updates and fee structure made it especially hard for indie developers to stay current and turn a profit, so it's good things re taking a turn of the simpler. 

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