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Watch Lee and Clementine play Walking Dead tonight

If you're a fan of the Walking Dead point and click, conversational adventure title from Telltale Games, tonight you might want to tune in to Twitch TV to see the voice actors behind Lee and Clementine playing through the final episode of the game.


Considering from my personal gaming experience, the finale of Season one could be the most emotional gaming experience I've ever had, seeing what the two main characters from the game think of the final product and to hear their insights on what it was like to take part in creating those key moments in the story, could be very interesting.


To put a name to a voice, Lee was voiced by Dave Fennoy who's done lots of video game work in the past, including Starcraft II and all these characters from DotA 2: Faceless Void/Skeleton King / Venomancer / Batrider / Huskar / Jakiro. Melissa Hutchison, the voice of Clementine has similarly done a lot of other similar work. You'll know her as Trixie Trotter in the Back to the Future Telltale game and Ashe in League of Legends.

During the streaming, there will be exclusive Walking Dead merchandise given out and questions answered. It all goes down at 8PM GMT (12PM PT/ 3PM ET). You can watch it here via Eurogamer.

KitGuru Says: I'm going to have to talk my way out of me and my girl's chicken and cider night to watch this one live. What do you reckon my chances are? 

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