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Wii U virtual console coming to the UK tomorrow

I would report about this tomorrow, but of course it’s Saturday and I won’t be around to give you guys the heads up, so here it is a day early: The Wii U Virtual Console is arriving in the UK tomorrow, bringing with it the ability to play old Nintendo games on the new console.

On top of that though, the games receive a minor contemporary update, allowing you to save whenever you want, play on the Gamepad remotely and link up with the Nintendo community via the Miiverse.


Some of the available titles include Super Mario World, F-Zero, Donkey Kong Jr, Excitebike, Ice Climber and Mario’s Super Picross – the latter of which is a UK exclusive so far. Upcoming releases include Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros and games from the MEga Man series. N64 and Game Boy Advance titles won’t be far behind.

Pricing wise, MCV has it that NES games will cost £3.49 to first time buyers, or 99p if they’ve bought them previously on the Wii. SNES will have the same discounted cost for original owners, or £5.49 for new ones. However you can also transfer over your games from the Wii and play them in Wii mode if you wish.

KitGuru Says: Good to see this is happening as opening up retro gaming to more people is great, but I’d still suggest if you really want to get into it, that you get the original consoles and controllers. The experience just doesn’t compare. 

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