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Nintendo contracts AMD to power next-generation game console

Back in May Nintendo already confirmed that it had started development of its next-generation home console. In October it also transpired that the company would design system-on-chip for its forthcoming system in the U.S. According to a new media report, Nintendo contracted AMD to provide graphics processing technologies for the …

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AMD: next-gen game consoles may arrive sooner than we think

Chief financial officer of Advanced Micro Devices said that the next generation game consoles from companies like Microsoft Corp., Nintendo and Sony Corp. may emerge on the market sooner than we might think. The life-cycle of the currently available systems may be shorter than those of Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s …

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IDC: Sony’s PlayStation 4 to win this round of console wars

Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation 3 was not a particularly successful product partly because one of its rivals was considerably less expensive and other was available for a longer time and at lower price. But with the PlayStation 4 the company is projected to make a comeback thanks to the fact …

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Nintendo to close DS, Wii online in May

Update: This has now been extended to the US as well. No word on European shut down, but presumably that will be around the same time or not long after. Original story: If you live in Japan or Australia and your favourite game on the Wii is an online one, …

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Nintendo not ruling out another Mario Galaxy game

Nintendo fans rejoice, you may get another Super Mario Galaxy game after all. During an ‘Iwata Asks’ Q&A the current development team, who is at the moment working on Mario 3D land, talked about the possibility of taking Mario back to space. During the interview, Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto pointed …

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Nintendo to release official Wii-mote charge pack

Nintendo has announced a new rechargeable pack for its Wii-mote controllers – as if there weren’t enough of those out there already – with a quick-charge function, that should see you gaming for a full hour off just a ten minute charge time. Currently listed at 4200 Yen (£27.5), the …

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Rumour: Wii U still selling really badly

It looks like according to one analyst at least, the Wii U is still selling incredibly poorly. To put it in perspective, it was outsold by the Xbox 360, PS3, and the previous generation’s Wii, throughout the whole of April. The numbers paint a more detailed picture, though hardly an …

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Nintendo set to discontinue Wii features

Nintendo has announced that several features from the original Wii, are set to shut down on 28th June, bringing an end to their seven year lifespan and further encouraging people to move over to its newer offerings on the Wii U – at least that’s got to be the intention. The …

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What’s cool about the Wii U? It plays Wii U games.

Why Wii U

This is one of Nintendo’s big selling points, that it’s hoping will help turn the tide of very sub-par sales of its new console, with new marketing information. In it, the Japanese firm highlights the differences between the Wii and the Wii U and would you believe it, the Wii …

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