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Nintendo Switch Sports datamine suggests even more games to be added post-launch

5 years on from the launch of the Nintendo Switch, the handheld console hybrid is healthier than ever with more than 100 million units sold and no sign of it slowing down. Though odd in its timing, the console manufacturer announced that the Switch would be getting its own version of the classic ‘Wii Sports’ in the form of Nintendo Switch Sports – and thanks to a data mine we now know that the game will feature more than the 6 sports previously announced.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a modern iteration of the 2008 classic Wii Sports, which came pre-bundled with each Wii system. While the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports (set to launch on the 29th of April) will set users back £30.99, it will be coming with much more content than the Wii original.

Nintendo has already announced that the game will launch with 4 sports: Tennis; Bowling; Chambara and Badminton, with two more sports – namely Football and Golf – being added later down the line.

Interestingly, according to dataminer Wipeoutjack7, Nintendo Switch Sports may in fact add two more game modes on top of the already announced ones. While it may be simply scrapped content, the game’s files do make reference to two other sports: Basketball and Dodgeball, suggesting that the two might show up as DLC down the line.

While Nintendo has historically shied away from offering DLC, the console manufacturer has made a point to focus much more heavily on such post-release content in recent years, and so adding new sports in such a way is not out of the ordinary. It will be interesting to see whether these sports are in fact eventually added in – and whether the fan-favourite, boxing, is also introduced later down the line.

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