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Would you watch a movie about a video game character?

We've had movie adaptations of video games before: Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Pokemon, Street Fighter, DOA, Mortal Kombat; and they're all pretty horrible. However unless you're a fan of Press Start – and even that's about a video game-like universe – then you probably haven't seen a movie about an actual video game character (forget about Tron for a minute).

However that's exactly what Disney is releasing next February with “Wreck-It Ralph,”  a video game character from the 8 bit era that is trying to find work in the modern world of video games. Apparently there will be cameos by famous characters like Bowser and Sonic and its been said the movie is designed with a wide range of people in mind – not just kids, 30 year old or otherwise.

“Video games have been around for 30 to 35 years, so you get a perfect spectrum of people,” the movie’s producer Clark Spencer said while speaking with MCV.

“There are people in their fifties now who played those first 8-bit video games and kids who play today’s most modern type of games, so there’s enough range that you can have this movie appeal to everybody.

“Had this movie come out ten or 15 years earlier, I think we’d be in a different place in terms of the way the video games market has grown and the history it would have. It feels like it’s the right moment in time to release a movie about video games.”

Of Course
Of course!

KitGuru Says: So the question stands. How many of you think this sounds like an interesting premise? And in general, are you fussed about movies that are based around characters from games that break the fourth wall and actually know they're in a game? Or would you rather see more movies that treat video games more seriously?

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