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Yup, Ryse sucks

Just minutes after the official release of Microsoft's Xbox One console has begun, the first reviews for launch exclusive, RYSE: Son of Rome have started to hit the web and oh dear, it isn't doing very well at all. Dead Rising 3 might have had some technical hiccups and Killer Instinct might be lacking any semblance of a fleshed out roster, but Ryse reviews paint it as overly short, overly repetitive and despite being pretty, really nothing new or exciting at all.

All reviewers do agree that the game is very good looking. Despite the resolution hiccups that the Xbox One has suffered, put a game in the hands of a company like Crytek and you know it's going to be pretty. However, they also agree that the combat is endlessly repetitive, with a simple parry, push, stab gameplay that is just rinse and repeat for nearly every enemy you face. There's also only a handful of differing opponents throughout the game and while they all look lifelike, they also look like relatives, with little difference in their appearance.

“It's cool guys, we'll just make the dwarves and elves different colours”

Admittedly there are executions to spruce up the combat, but those can be performed on almost every enemy, so it seems like even those get tiring after a while. They offer some tactical gameplay, in that depending on your preference they can offer extra health, experience, damage or focus, but to make the most of them, you'll need to get all the colour coded, quick time event combos correct – though of course, in typical contemporary fashion, get it completely wrong and you'll still get something.

Most reviewers agree that by the end of the game – which is only eight hours long, despite its £45 price tag – the combat has become staggeringly dull. There is a co-op arena mode to flesh things out a bit, but it's still based on the poor combat mechanics. The full on multiplayer is buggy too, with lots of glitching and invisible walls breaking immersion.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIacJa_JFp8′]

Add on top of all this a story that doesn't grip you and even hints of homophobia and you have a game that's really unimpressed those that have taken the time to play it and tell the tale.

Eurogamer ranked it 5/10
Polygon was kind and gave it a 6/10
Joystiq scored it 2.5/5
Metro gave it 3/10 and called it a “tech demo.”

KitGuru Says: If you're waiting on line in a few hours to pick up your Xbox One, maybe give Ryse a miss. 

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