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Xbox One launch begins in New Zealand

Sony may have beaten Microsoft to market with its next-gen system in one territory, but with 12AM rolling round in the most eastern parts of the world, Microsoft’s response has begun to hit the shelves. New Zealand and Australia are first up and as I write this the first few people are beginning to filter through and get ahold of their brand new console.

Pictures of people queing up have been going up for the past few hours, with some looking more like an underground rave than a console launch:


“Yo we in there #XboxOne,” writes Ali Abdo, who’s obviously managed to get hold of his new Xbox One a little sooner than everyone else:

Source: Ali Abdo

New Zealand immigrant and Megaupload founder, Kim Dotcom has been posting pictures from his evening’s happenings, including some images from the Xbox One launch party which he was invited to.

Unless Kim lost a lot of weight and changed ethnicity, I don’t think that’s him

He also tweeted the following in the build up, poking fun at the American intelligence community: “In 2 hours and 15 minutes I will get the new @Xbox One. First task: Disable #NSA features. Second task: Ghosts!”

Update: Dotcom has now posted a picture of himself with not just one Xbox One, but five. Because, why not when you’re a multi-millionaire right?


KitGuru Says: Are any of you guys attending an Xbox One launch event today/tonight? If so, send us your pictures via the Facebook, or email me [email protected] 

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