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AMD Catalyst Drivers – best on the planet?

This is a hot topic of debate among enthusiast users – which driver set is better? nVidia or AMD’s ? It would be fair to say that years ago the scales would have been tipped favourably in nVidia’s direction, but today is the situation reversed? Both sets of drivers have Pros and Cons, but it appears that the Redwood software giant are firmly behind one group.

Microsoft Hardware Quality Labs has praised the Catalyst graphics drivers announcing that they are the most reliable drivers and that they “push the limits of innovation with advanced user-oriented features”.



Certainly with the HQV Benchmark 2.0 testing they score very highly, with our Editor In Chief, Zardon scoring the latest drivers at 196 points out of a possible 210. Still room for some IQ improvement then, but leading the way.

AMD are obviously very happy with the Microsoft approval as they are a group of experts who spend all their days testing hardware and driver configurations to ensure they reach their stringent quality standards.

I haven’t yet tried the newest Catalyst Drivers, but I know recent sets have been driving me bonkers with my 1080p TV – underscanning the image.

One thing I can say, is that the file sizes keep getting bigger for both companies, thank god for broadband.

KitGuru says: Catalyst or Forceware? Fanboys welcome.

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