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Swedish prosecutor website gets hacked

‘Anonymous’ are clearly proving the critics wrong, having been branded by other groups as a bunch of script kiddies. They have managed to hack and take down the Swedish Prosecution Authorities website – the organisation  set on going after WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange.

The attack by Anonymous caused the site to collapse for a short while, but it was eventually raised from the dead. Three hackers already linked to Anonymouse have been arrested this week, two of them are Dutch teenagers.

Julian Assange: Wikileaks - getting support from all corners

Anonymous have stated that they will avenge the WikiLeaks organisation in any way they can, even saying they would find the ‘best, least exposed US diplomatic cables leaks’ and spread them around the net.

‘Bass’, one of the Anonymous members has said that he would continue to help support the attacks and that the group are working on new techniques and software to cause more disruption.

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