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Internet MANA in big final push before NZ election

With the New Zealand national elections set to take place tomorrow, Kim Dotcom and Laila Harré's Internet MANA party has been firing off its last salvos to try and get people out to vote, including encouraging people to vote for someone other than the Internet MANA party if it means …

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Dotcom, Snowden, Assange, Greenwald all attack NZ PM

Yesterday, some of the biggest names in the public fight for internet freedoms and personal privacy made an appearance together in Auckland, New Zealand, to talk to Internet Party members and concerned citizens, about the upcoming New Zealand general election and they spent a lot of their time criticising the”adolescent” …

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Swedish prosecutor website gets hacked

‘Anonymous' are clearly proving the critics wrong, having been branded by other groups as a bunch of script kiddies. They have managed to hack and take down the Swedish Prosecution Authorities website – the organisation  set on going after WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange. The attack by Anonymous caused the site …

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