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Internet Explorer 9 will require Windows 7 SP1/Vista SP2

Kitguru posted news earlier this week that IE9 will not work on Windows XP, but latest reports are in which detail that it will require Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Vista SP2 to work properly.

According to an FAO which was posted on the companies website, Windows 7 users will need to install SP1 before installing IE9. If you are using Windows Vista then SP2 is a requirement before installation.

Although IE9 release dates are still sketchy the latest rumours are a Q1/2 2011 release around the same time as SP1 for Windows 7. The FAQ details that both release candidates should hit retail at the same time. The beta of IE9 launched September the 15th and requires four already available Windows 7 updates. The current update requirements are graphics related and IE9 support functionality.

“Organizations must plan, pilot and deploy Internet Explorer 9 as part of or after a Windows 7 SP1 deployment. Microsoft recommends that organizations do not disrupt ongoing deployment projects but continue deploying Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8.” said the FAQ.

“Your Internet Explorer 8 migration investments will be preserved when you are ready to deploy Internet Explorer 9,” said Rich Reynolds, Microsoft's chief Windows marketing executive.

KitGuru says: If you want to look at the beta for Internet Explorer 9, then it is available over here.

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