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Mozilla post user names and passwords, by accident

Many people are in for a shock today as their add on website addons.mozilla.org have accidentally posted their usernames and passwords.

This mistake happened after the browser company posted a file containing email addresses, first and surnames and an md5 hash representation of user passwords on a publicly available web server.

This website, is a popular location for hosting add ons related to Mozilla software, such as Firefox, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird. To protect their users after this cock up, Mozilla have erased all user passwords and has asked (and emailed) users asking them to manually reset their login information. Additionally it is advised that passwords are reset on other sites where the same user name is used.

Mozilla took action after being informed about the leak by a third party group.

KitGuru says: Certainly not the ideal end to 2010 the company would have wanted.

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