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Apple order 65 million screens for 2011

When you speak about Apple, the numbers are usually incredible, and nothing has changed with the latest reports to hit our news team this morning. Apple have apparently placed an order for 65 million 9.7 inch iPad displays for potential sales in 2011.

These 65 million orders have been placed between LG (35 million) and Samsung and Chimei Innolux (30 million). Apple are clearly thinking ahead to big tablet sales in 2011 and they are taking no risks in running out of stock to meet demand.

At the end of this year Apple will have bought 16.75 million screens for iPads and in November alone LG have produced 1.5 million screens for Apple and Samsung have delivered 1.2 million.

Apple are also paying for the services of Chimei Innolux, a new supplier of iPad screens. Apple are going to be pushing hard in 2011 to sell more iPads into the Enterprise market.

Steve Jobs has said “our potential competitors [in tablets] are having a tough time coming close to iPad’s pricing. iPad incorporates everything we’ve learned about building high value products. We create our own A4 chip, software, battery chemistry, enclosure, everything. This results in an incredible product at a great price. The proof will be in the pricing of our competitors’ products, which will offer less for more.”

Apple’s focus on the 9.7 inch market makes sense according to Apple’s outspoken CEO. “We think the 7 inch tablets will be dead on arrival, and manufacturers will realize they’re too small and abandon them next year. They’ll then increase the size, abandoning the customers and developers who bought into the smaller format.”

The iPad has not only dominated the Tablet market, but according to reports from Morgen Stanley, has already killed around 25 percent of PC notebook sales since it went on sale in April 2010.

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