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2K Games is working on an unannounced ‘Remake’

We've known for some time now that 2K is working on a Bioshock sequel. The next game in the series will be the first without involvement from director Ken Levine, and will utilise Unreal Engine 5 to deliver next-gen visuals. Now, it seems a remake of the original game may also be on the cards. 

As spotted by MP1st, Brett Shupe, a 3D artist and animator at 2K, has updated his CV with work on a few new projects, including a new Mafia game, a new Bioshock game, and several unannounced projects, including one unannounced ‘remake'.


It is suggested that the original Bioshock could be one of the candidates for the mystery remake. Capcom has had great success in recent years with its remakes of the original Resident Evil games. Bioshock shares some horror themes, but offers a very different setting and a more timeless style thanks to its first-person gameplay, featuring guns in the main hand and special abilities with the off hand. Beyond that, Bioshock also had a well-received remaster just a few years back.

2K Games owns a lot of valuable IP, so there is no shortage of candidates for a nostalgia-capturing remake.

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KitGuru Says: Is there a particular game published by 2K that you would like to see remade? 

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