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A Plague Tale: Requiem update brings new PC options, 60FPS for consoles

It has been quite some time since A Plague Tale: Requiem first launched, but the game is continuing to receive improvements to this day. While the game did not launch with a 60FPS option on current-gen consoles, that is changing this week with a new patch. Beyond 60FPS support on Xbox Series X and PS5, the new update also brings additional graphics options for PC players. 

The Plague Tale games are well known for their graphical fidelity, with the first being one of the best-looking games of the previous console generation and Requiem taking things up to the next level. Due to the focus on graphical prowess, the game is more demanding to run, leading to a lack of 60FPS option at launch for consoles.

The latest update for the game adds a 60FPS performance mode for Xbox Series X and PS5. Meanwhile, on the PC side, the patch introduces new optimisations and additional graphics options, so you can tweak further to strike the best balance between visuals and frame rate.

This patch is already available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The cloud version of the game available for the Nintendo Switch will be updated next week with the new bug fixes included in the patch, but without the other features made available on other platforms.

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