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Amazon’s Crucible is launching later this month

While Amazon's ambitious MMO ‘New World' has been delayed, one of Amazon's other studios will have a game coming out this month- Crucible. The free-to-play multiplayer title has been known about for years now but will finally be releasing on May 20th. 

In a similar vein to Overwatch, or more recently, titles like Bleeding Edge or Valorant, Crucible can be described as a hero shooter. There is a roster of different characters, each with their own abilities, and you will embark on a shootout in three different competitive modes.

Heart of the Hives is a 4v4 mode, while Alpha Hunters is a mini battle royale with eight teams of two players. Harvester Command is the third mode, utilising MOBA mechanics, with two teams collecting essence and levelling up their characters as the match goes on.

Since Crucible is made by Amazon, which also owns Twitch, we will very likely see some big promotion for this game in the weeks to come.

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KitGuru Says: I just can't bring myself to commit to most hero shooters and end up going back to CS:GO. Perhaps Crucible will stand a better chance than Bleeding Edge did though. Are any of you going to be playing this? 

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