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Apparently you can beat Dark Souls with a Rock Band controller

Dark Souls is largely considered to be one of the most difficult games around, beating the game is already an impressive accomplishment but beating it with a Rock Band guitar controller? That’s a whole new feat in and of itself.

Dark Souls player, Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin, recently completed his run of the game, dubbed ‘Guitar Souls’, he used custom mapped controls with many of the PC buttons being tied to the guitar’s 10 fret buttons. Obviously, the controller was very restrictive, Gwin could only move forward, backwards and to the right while camera panning could only move to the left- he also couldn’t block or use heavy attacks.


In all, the whole run took just over 11 hours to complete, according to him, the hardest bosses to beat were Gravity/O&S, while the hardest part of the run was Sen’s Fortress. Gwin has made the VOD of the run available on Twitch, although there are some shorter highlight videos you can watch if you don’t feel like skipping through 11 hours of content.

So what’s next? Dark Souls 2 of course, although the sequel to ‘Guitar Souls’ will only happen once the final DLC is released.

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KitGuru Says: I find Dark Souls hard enough with a regular controller, let alone a Rock Band one. Are any of you guys in to Dark Souls? A friend of mine is currently practicing his speed running skills for the game, it’s pretty impressive to watch. 

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