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Aspyr was blocked from releasing KOTOR 2 cut content DLC, company claims

When Aspyr first announced its Nintendo Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic 2, it also revealed plans to release a free DLC, restoring cut content to the game officially for the first time. Many who picked up the Switch version did so in anticipation of this DLC but this year, the company confirmed that the DLC had been scrapped. Now, the company claims it was actually blocked from releasing the DLC by a third-party. 

Many of us had been wondering what exactly went wrong with Aspyr's plans for restored content in KOTOR 2. Obsidian Entertainment developed the original game on a very tight timeline, leading to some nearly-finished content being left on the cutting room floor. Mods for the PC version of the game are already available to restore this content, so it isn't entirely brand new, but it would mark the first time that this content would be made available on other platforms and as part of an official release.

Now, speaking with Axios, Apyr co-CEO, Ted Saloch, has said that the company “believed it would be able to release the content”. However, after the announcement, “a third party objected”, leading to the DLC being scrapped.

It isn't made clear which third party objected. It very well could have been Disney/LucasFilm, but it is also possible that Obsidian didn't feel comfortable with another studio releasing its unfinished work. We will likely never get an official answer on exactly why the DLC was objected to.

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KitGuru Says: If true, it is really starting to seem like Aspyr has been getting the short end of the stick recently. The studio built itself up to take on the KOTOR Remake project, only to be booted off of it. Then, after years of working on Star Wars remasters and KOTOR ports specifically, the studio tried to do something fun for the fans and was seemingly blocked again. We don't have enough information on what went on behind the scenes to point any fingers. However, we can say that this has all been a real shame to see over the last couple of years. 

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