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Avalanche Studios expands to three divisions, new game teased

Over the last few years, Avalanche Studios has been growing into a multi-franchise company, spreading its reach beyond Just Cause and helping Bethesda out on Rage 2 while also publishing its own IP- Generation Zero. Now, Avalanche is going to be known as Avalanche Studios Group, with three distinct divisions working on separate projects underneath the Avalanche umbrella.

Under this new system, there will be three studios: Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds and Systemic Reaction. Avalanche will continue to handle Just Cause, while Expansive Worlds will be in charge of smaller projects like ‘The Hunter: Primal', an early access project dating back to 2014.

Systemic Reaction is going to be the self-publishing arm of the Avalanche Studios Group and has already been active thanks to the release of Generation Zero. Systemic Reaction is already working on a new game too, which you can see an untitled teaser for in the video above.

The Avalanche Studios Group will continue to focus primarily on “immersive open world experiences”, with plans for regular game releases over the next decade.

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KitGuru Says: This is an interesting expansion, although I do worry that Avalanche titles will suffer from the Ubisoft effect without much shake up to its current open-world model. What was the last Avalanche Studios title you played? For me it was Rage 2, although I had been meaning to check out Generation Zero at some point. 

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