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BioWare Austin director shares new details on Anthem 2.0

Earlier this year, BioWare finally spoke out on its Anthem reinvention plans, confirming that a team is dedicated to building Anthem 2.0 and will be working on it for however long it takes. The studio has been very quiet since then, but we finally got an update this afternoon. 

A few tidbits were shared by BioWare Austin studio director, Christian Dailey. For starters, the team is working on a new faction called ‘Pirates of Blood Wind', complete with concept art for what they look like and their hideout:

As reported by Eurogamer, Dailey has also shared a bit about some of the other internal projects. Some of the internal game jams at BioWare have included PvP concepts, like battle royale modes, or something more akin to Battlefield. One area of interest is a Tribes style of PvP but he also notes that this kind of content is not the priority right now.

The folks at BioWare Austin have their work cut out for them. After eventually giving up on Anthem 1.0 in mid 2019, the team began deconstructing the game and tinkering around in an effort to ‘find the fun' and figure out what the game should actually be. Now this year, them team is putting that work together, including reworked systems, mechanics, enemy factions and more. Currently, there is no word on when Anthem 2.0 will be ready for a proper unveiling.

KitGuru Says: It sounds like a lot of work still need to be done with Anthem, particularly if concept art and experimental game jams are still part of the equation. Still, all we can do is hope that BioWare is indeed up to the task and can churn out a better game overall, no matter how long that takes. 

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