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Halo Infinite is still a ‘work in progress’, demo was played on PC

Last night, we all got a good look at Halo Infinite, with roughly 10 minutes of campaign gameplay. The demo was shown being played with a controller but it was not running on Xbox Series X or Xbox One hardware, instead the demo was indeed played and captured on PC. Microsoft has also addressed some of the criticism surrounding the game's visuals. 

Speaking with Inside Gaming, Xbox marketing head, Aaron Greenberg, confirmed that the demo was running on a PC rather than a prototype Xbox Series X. Although the system had ‘equivalent specs' to what we will find in the Series X. The other side to this story is just how the game looks. Halo Infinite is still a work in progress, but it is clear that many fans were expecting to be wowed a bit more by the graphics.

Speaking to that, Greenberg said: “Listen, we're in the middle of a global pandemic. It's July, we're far from [launch in] Holiday, you're seeing a work-in-progress game”. Greenberg also added that it can be a challenge showing the full graphical fidelity of a game over a livestream: “It's very hard to show the full power and graphical fidelity of what Xbox Series X will be able to deliver for you over a stream. Go back and look at it in 4K 60,”

Halo Infinite continues to be a work in progress, with builds being updated on a weekly basis. With that in mind, Microsoft says the game will only continue to get better between now and release. It is also worth noting that the demo shown yesterday did not include ray-traced lighting – a feature that will be added to the game post-release.

KitGuru Says: Halo Infinite is a game targeting 60 frames per second, so my main concern is how it looks in motion. Based on the footage yesterday, I think it is looking great, although it does remind me of DOOM Eternal's graphics and not necessarily a truly ‘next gen' showpiece. What did you all think of the Halo Infinite demo?

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