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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Spec Ops Survival mode is PS4 exclusive for almost one year

Each year, we see a new Call of Duty game released with some form of exclusive to one of the major console platforms. Last generation, we saw Xbox 360 players getting new maps a month before everyone else. This generation, Sony has had those benefits instead for the PS4. This year, Activision is doing things a bit differently, instead of a 30-day exclusivity period for new DLC, PS4 owners will have a one-year exclusive on Modern Warfare's Spec Ops survival mode.

The announcement was made in the fine print of a new trailer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare on last night's ‘State of Play' stream. The trailer primarily shows new story content but also announces that Spec Ops is returning to the franchise after a long absence. A chunk of Spec Ops will be available to Xbox One and PC players, but the survival mode is going to be off-limits until the 1st of October 2020, which also happens to be right around the time the next Call of Duty will be coming out.

For some, this will end up being a better deal, as PvP multiplayer maps will be released across all platforms at the same time. This is particularly important now, as Modern Warfare is going to have full cross-platform multiplayer, so locking some players out of maps would hurt matchmaking.

Unfortunately, if you are a long-time fan of Call of Duty's PvE co-op modes, then this is a bit of a downer. You will still be able to play the Spec Ops missions, but the long-running survival mode (essentially hoard mode), will only be available on PS4.

KitGuru Says: This year's Call of Duty won't have a zombies mode, so a lot of co-op PvE players will be turning to Spec Ops instead. With that in mind, the decision to lock off the survival mode for an entire year seems a bit drastic.

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